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Scopa’s mission aligns with Saudi Arabia’s 2030 Vision to modernize the Saudi Armed Forces and deliver state of the art defense solutions to the Military and Internal Security Forces. Scopa’s business approach includes joint ventures, partnerships, procurement, co-production and localization of production and employment. Additionally, Scopa’s team of defense experts in Riyadh advises Saudi Defense and Security stakeholders on the best options to improve defense capabilities and increase interoperability.

Procurement of Goods and Services

Saudi Vision 2030 empowers the Saudi Arabian Military Sector by developing defense industry capabilities that create new defense investments in the Kingdom. Scopa supports the KSA military and security forces procurement operations of arms, ammunition, equipment, supplies, maintenance, and the operations contracts necessary for national security.

Co-Production Partnership with International Defense Companies

Saudi Arabia intends to develop a defense-related manufacturing base of production by 2030. Developing the industrial base requires large capital investments as well as a steady commitment to research and development activities. The outcome of this investment and commitment is a local workforce of highly capable engineers and technicians prepared to succeed in a high-technology future as well as a robust, resilient, and stable organic supply chain. Scopa’s business approach includes joint ventures, partnerships, procurement, co-production and localization of production and employment to achieve Saudi Vision 2030 goals.

Offset partner for KSA defense industrial base to fulfill FMS requirements

With initiatives underway for socioeconomic development according to the Vision 2030 and National Transformation Program 2020 initiatives The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is focused on Saudization, providing avenues for private investment and local employment opportunities. 

Scopa Industries Corp. LLC aims to support security sector initiatives by attracting world-class businesses looking to expand their reach, further their involvement and improving on their access in the region. Scopa Industries Corp. LLC keeps your interests in line while posing you as a preferred choice to potential business partners.

Saudi Arabia is furthering its involvement with investors and business partners as a means for localization and privatization, improved productivity, and national prosperity, and intends to pursue industrial cooperation offsets to achieve the ends. Scopa Industries Corp. LLC understands these requirements and can assist your company explore a mutually beneficial business agreement by:

  • Making sure your business plans and priorities align with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 ensuring a long-lasting, mutually productive relationship.
  • Offering you the backing of the reputation we have with the Kingdom’s senior leaders and the full weight of Al Ajlan’s business footprint and successes.
  • Advising you on developing programs and contracts that provide added value to your offering.
  • Personalizing your process and approach based on a developed understanding of your company itself.
  • Providing advisory expertise and insight into the culture, customs, communication style and context in which your business obligations originate.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a long history of defense offset requirements which encourage its national defense initiatives to simultaneously promote technology transfer and develop domestic capabilities. In a complex, competitive, market that can be often difficult to navigate, it can be difficult to understand and execute requirements to help your company succeed in foreign dealings, even when you have already been involved in the business for some time. Scopa Industries Corp. LLC has the expertise and connections you need to position yourself for further success in the KSA.

Consulting Services

Scopa partners with global firms specialized in providing the most qualified consulting teams to address the Kingdom’s security sector force requirements for modernization, transformation, training, and organization necessary to meet future challenges.