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Why Partner With Scopa

Why Partner with Scopa Industries Corp. LLC and the Ajlan & Brothers Holding Group?

Scopa Industries Corp. LLC is the first private defense company based on international standards in Saudi Arabia, a lead subsidiary of Ajlan & Brothers Holding Group (ABHG).  

ABHG is the largest conglomerate incorporated in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, part of the wider Ajlan Brothers Group which recently ranked 5th in Forbes’ top families in the Arab World and 46th in Forbes’ top 100 family businesses.  ABHG employs over 12,000 people, is present in 26 countries and has invested in over 70 companies.  ABHG is the largest holder of real estate and is the regional textiles leader in Saudi Arabia. 

Our Mission

Scopa Industries Corp. LLC is the preeminent defense company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that contributes to the strategic plan of Vision 2030 of creating organic military industries, modernizing the Saudi Armed Forces, and reaching the global defense and security market.

Our Vision

As the premier Saudi Arabian defense company, Scopa Industries provides innovative, state-of-the-art manufacturing, goods, and services that deliver pioneer security capabilities to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Scopa was founded with the goal of building it into one of the premier regional and global defense companies and manufacturers.  Scopa is uniquely poised for success.

Scopa takes advantage of ABHG’s tremendous market dominance and relationships.

Scopa leverages the defense experience of its group of distinguished Senior Advisors to shape its projects and to build business partnerships.

Scopa has a strong “ground game” in Riyadh to engage with our Saudi Defense and Security counterparts and shepherd projects to success from start to completion. 

Scopa is structured to be the preferred partner for Western companies to achieve local set-aside requirements and to achieve Saudi Arabia Vision 2030 goals.

Scopa is your Industrial Offset partner in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Knowledgeable Leadership and Expertise

Scopa has a team of Senior Advisors who are recently retired Senior U.S. Military Officers who possess unparalleled knowledge and experience required to achieve its objectives. Additionally, Scopa has retained one of the top legal firms in Washington D.C. as legal counsel to address all legal requirements and ensure compliance with US export requirements, international trade agreements and regulations.